Shabbat dinner – orange and lemon chicken

Celeriac and parsnip soup – soften onion, add veggies, then stock. Blitz. Bit more water. Yum!

Dead simple roast chicken – poured over lemon juice, orange juice and olive oil and stuffed with lemon, orange, garlic and onion. Would have included thyme and rosemary if I’d bothered going into the wet garden to pick them. Cooked in 180 fan oven with Nigel Slater’s top tip – 20 mins for each 500g plus extra 20 mins. Added water to bottom of the pan when it started to go dry. Cut up and put on hot plate with plenty of liquid in bottom and covered.

Cut up white potatoes and red onion into medium chunks and roasted in hot oil, adding sliced garlic half way through. Also yummy with chunks of aubergine, cumin and coriander. Takes about 40 mins at 180 fan.

Grated carrot salad with lemony dressing and dried cranberries.

Apple Crumble with Paul Hollywood inspired topping. Mixture of plain white and wholemeal flours, oats, brown sugar and chocolate chips. Just used sunflower oil to bring it together which was fine but you don’t get a crunchy, crumbly texture without using butter/marg. Cooked at about 160 fan until fruit is soft and top coloured nicely. Good on hot plate, just be careful of condensation softening the crumble if you cover it – I find tea towels work a treat.


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