Oh what to do with Turkey mince?

It’s the cheapest meat in the shops at the moment and is also remarkably lean and low fat – just my sort of food. But what to do with it because to be honest, the last few things I’ve tried, including a ‘kid friendly’ recipe which added grated apple, have just came out a bit tough and tasteless.

But then I happened to stumble across this Turkey Meatball recipe. First of all, these guys have obviously done an impressive amount of marketing because they’re coming higher up the google search than some of the BBC food sites. But also it reminds me of the recipe book mum has on her shelf, which has step by step colour photos and instructions on how to make simple, everyday food. But not in a book with a broken spine and pages that have been sellotaped back five hundred times.

The key it seems – a bit like making muffins – is not to handle the meat too much. Start by making a tomato sauce – heat crushed garlic in olive oil for about 30 seconds until it starts to give off a garlicky smell, then chuck in 4 tins (yes that’s 4!) of chopped tomatoes and simmer until you’re ready to add the meatballs.

Next the meatballs – mix all the other ingredients together first (obviously I replaced panko with matzo meal, milk with water and missed out the cheese!) including matzo meal, egg, seasoning and then using a fork, or knife, add meat and gently combine. Don’t touch the meatballs for 20 minutes when you first add them, then give them a bit of a shake and taa daa. Soft, moist, tasty and not at all dense or tough. Perfect to put on hotplate for friday night dinner with white rice, peas and big salad.

apple cake for dessert – but that’s a whole new lesson!


One thought on “Oh what to do with Turkey mince?

  1. I can vouch that the meatballs were distinctly yum. And that big rice/pasta was great company. Maybe nice with green beans, but then I think everything is nice with green beans…

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