Shabbat dinner – Chanukah!

I loved the Butternut squash and sage latke recipe L sent but don’t fancy standing and frying all that at the moment.

Looking at keeping it simple for 8. So plan at the moment is:

Roast butternut squash soup (may even cheat and buy it ready peeled and cut.

Roast chicken – probably just lemon and garlic but other options welcome. I see there’s still some rosemary alive at the back of the garden.

Carrot mash with honey, lemon juice and cumin. Peas and beans, which are good left on hot plate with spring onions and even a bit of lettuce. I know it sounds a bit nunu but the French even have a name for it!

Hassleback potatoes which I had to google at first but they look like fun alternative to normal roast pots.

And for dessert I have gingerbread in the oven to serve with Swedish glacé vanilla – yummy!!


Elegant ‘n Easy Fruit Torte

1 cup marg (4oz)                     24 halves plums/apricots/peaches/sliced apples
1 cup sugar                            Sugar
2 eggs                                    Lemon juice
1 cup s.r. flour                        Cinnamon

. Preheat oven to 350F (gas 4, 160C)
. Cream sugar & marg
. Add lightly beaten eggs & mix well
. Add flour & mix well
. Put batter in round loose bottomed tin
. Bake 50-60 mins